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Verdin Family History
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I  was born on 2nd September 1938  in Wallasey, Merseyside. At that time Wallasey was part of the County of Cheshire.
When war broke out on 3rd September 1939, one day after my 1st  burthday, we were evacuated to the village of Hilton in Derbyshire where we remained until 1945.
During the time we lived in Hilton my father, Ernest Verdin served in the army and was stationed in Burma and India. I saw very little of him during this time and his visits home during his leave time were very few.
When I was five I started at Hilton school. This school has now been replaced with a modern building.
After the War we returned to Wallasey and moved in with my grandmother-Clara Whittick- in Rydal Bank, Liscard. I was sent to Church Street School where I remained until 1948.
In 1948 where  we moved to Moreton, Wirral where my parents had bought a house . I then went to Barnston Lane School where I remained until 1950.
I do not remember much about my first two schools, probably because ai was too young.  But I do remember Barnston Lane and my teacher Miss Banks. I also recall a holiday in the Isle of Man with my class.
I was fortunate to pass the entrance examination for Wallasey Grammar School in 1950 and I spend the remainder of my schooldays there. ne of the highlights of my time at the school was a trip to Berlin in 1952.
I left Wallasey Grammar School in 1958 and entered Sefton General Hospital as a trainee technician in the heart department.   I moved to St Catherines Hospital in Birkenhead in 1959 after having completed my training and was appointed Senior Technician.  Upon the opening of Arrowe Park Hospital in 1980 I was appointed Chief Technician to the new Cardiac Department and became manager of the Cardiorespiratory Department in 1990.   I retired from the health service in 2000 after forty two yeaqrs service.
Photographs portraying the various stages in my life can be found in my family photo  pages








Arrowe Park Hospital 1999